Travel Creators & Influencers Wanted: Share Your Adventures

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Are you a creator, influencer, filmmaker, or photographer who loves to travel and document adventures?

We’re on the lookout for authentic storytellers to join our community and help spread the word about going offline with Wyld Mode. As a Wyld Ambassador, you’ll get to stay at our stunning cabins, capture exclusive content for your channels, and collaborate with our brand and other partners.

If you’ve got an engaged following, align with our mission to help the always-on unplug and recharge, and want to inspire people to put down their phones through your content, then apply now to become a Freewyld content creator. We provide the beautiful backdrops and experiences – you provide the creative vision and community reach. Let’s work together to show how going offline and into the wild can be truly life-changing.

Calling All Travel Creators: Join Our Mission

We’re searching for passionate creators, photographers, videographers, founders, and community leaders to join our mission of disconnecting to reconnect. As a Freewyld Creator, you’ll get to experience our unique offline adventures firsthand and share your authentic stories with your engaged community.

We know disconnecting digitally to reconnect with yourself and others may seem counterintuitive at first. But we believe your community will respond positively when they see your journey playing out through raw, unfiltered content.

Let us whisk you away to recharge your creative energy. Apply now to become a Freewyld Creator. We can’t wait to see the stories you’ll tell.

What We Offer Travel Creators

As a Freewyld travel creator, you’ll get some amazing perks to help you grow your audience and make an impact.

  • Stays at our stunning cabins. Book a complimentary stay at one of our Instagram-worthy cabins to create content and connect with your community.
  • Exposure and collaborations. We’ll showcase our creators on our blog, social media, and email newsletter. We also connect our ambassadors with partner brands for exciting collaborations.
  • Creative control. You have complete creative freedom over the content you produce during your stay. Share your authentic experiences however you’d like.
  • Community growth. Grow your audience by creating unique and inspiring content around your #WyldMode experiences. Our travelers are your ideal followers.
  • Monthly spotlights. Each month, we’ll feature one of our creators in our highly engaged email newsletter that reaches adventure-seekers.

We can’t wait to welcome you into the Freewyld family and support your content creation journey. When you join as an ambassador, you’ll get the chance to recharge in nature and spread our mission to help others reconnect with what matters most.

How Our Travel Creator Program Works

Our travel creator program is designed to be simple and rewarding for you.

Apply Online. Fill out our short application telling us about you, your content, and why you’re excited about Freewyld. This helps us get to know you.

Arrange Your Stay. Once approved, we’ll help you schedule your complimentary mid-week stay at one of our cabins. You can bring up to 3 guests.

Create & Share. During your trip, use your creative talents to capture photos, videos, stories – whatever inspires you. Have fun and be yourself!

Spotlights & Opportunities. We’ll feature you in our monthly creator spotlights. You may also get chances for co-marketing, ambassador trips, and more.

We handle the logistics so you can focus on creating great content. Our team will ensure you have an amazing, relaxing time in our one-of-a-kind modern cabins.

Capture your authentic Wyld Mode experience however you wish, through vlogs, reels, photos, etc. Show your fans what it’s like to step into #WyldMode. Help spread the word about our mission.

We’re thrilled to have you join our creator community. Let’s inspire people together!

Travel Creator Benefits: Free Stays, Content & More

As a Freewyld brand ambassador, you’ll get some sweet perks. We want to support creators who align with our mission so you can spread the word about going offline in your authentic way.

  • Annual stays at our stunning cabins are completely free. Bring your crew and capture unique content.
  • Grow your audience and engagement through immersive storytelling. Our cabins make amazing backdrops.
  • Get featured across Freewyld’s social channels and email lists. We’ll spotlight our fave creators each month.
  • Potential collabs with other brands who want to tap into your community and work with you.
  • A chance to grow quickly by hosting a cabin stay giveaway for your followers.

We’re not about dictating what you should create. Do your thing, in your style! If you’re down to spread the word about the power of going offline and #WyldMode, we want to collaborate. Because we really believe that stepping away from tech for a bit can lead to more meaningful connections and stories.

Let’s work together to inspire the constant scrollers. Apply now to become an official Freewyld brand ambassador!

Travel Creators FAQ: Your Questions Answered

We know you likely have some burning questions about joining the Freewyld Creator community. Here are some common FAQs to help provide clarity:

  • How often do I need to post? We ask that you share at least one post per stay, and we’d love to see you post Stories and Reels while you’re there too! We can also arrange to sponsor a giveaway for your audience, to increase the engagement on the post.

  • Can I bring guests? Yes, feel free to bring 1-3 guests to experience Wyld Mode with you. We just ask that they also embrace going screen-free for part of your stay.

  • What if I don’t want to unplug completely? No worries, Wyld Mode is optional. You can still join as an ambassador and share your experience without going fully offline.

  • Do I have to cover travel costs? We cover your stay at the cabin completely comped for you and 1-3 guests. You just have to get yourself there.

  • When will I know if I’m approved? We try to respond to all applications within 2 weeks or less. If you don’t hear from us, feel free to send a friendly follow-up.

  • How far in advance do I need to book? We recommend applying at least a month in advance if you can. But we understand creators plan last minute sometimes too!

  • Can I choose which cabin I stay at? We try our best to accommodate your preference, but stays are ultimately based on availability.

Have another question? Feel free to reach out! We’re excited to welcome passionate, creative storytellers like you into the Wyld community. Let’s inspire others to reconnect with what matters most.

The digital world will always be there when you get back. For now, it’s time to put down your phone, close the laptop, and embrace the offline. Let’s reconnect with ourselves, each other, and the natural world around us. When you’re ready to return, your community will still be there, waiting to hear the stories of your adventures. Until then, we’ll be waiting to welcome you to Freewyld.